Time Plan 2019/2018/2017


Time and Place: Friday; 3:00 - 5:00 p.m., NAOC (unless noted otherwise); tbc = to be confirmed



  • November 1: title to be confirmed
  • October 18 and 25: no tea seminar, due to miniworkshop Oct. 14-17
  • October 11: Jarrod Hurley (Swinburne, Australia) at KIAA (follow link for abstract): Modelling Stellar Populations of Star Clusters
  • Sep. 20 - Oct. 4: Break, no tea seminar
  • September 13: KIAA Forum Gas in Galaxies, no tea seminar
  • September 6: Dali Workshop, no tea seminar
  • August 30: Yohai Meiron (U Toronto, Canada): Simulations of globular clusters in tidal fields /  Matthias Kühtreiber (U Vienna, Austria): The Impact of Numerical Parameters and Star-Formation Recipes on Dwarf Galaxy Modeling
  • August 23: Achamveedu Gopakumar (TIFR, Mumbai, India): Blazar OJ287 and its nano-Hertz GW emitting massive BH binary central engine (to be held at AMSS/CAS, room 205, south building of the maths academy, see separate announcement)
  • March 19: (KIAA, 2nd floor meeting room, note unusual Tuesday!): Pau Amaro-Seoane (ICE, KIAA): X-MRIs: Extremely large mass-ratio inspirals;Tai Zhou (KIAA): Binary Extreme Mass Ratio Inspiral Numerical Simulation
  • March 12: (note unusual Tuesday!): Arkadiusz (Arek) Hypki (A. Mickiewicz U, Poznan, Poland): On BEANS and simulation data
  • March 8: Mohammed Mardini (NAOC): Decoding the history of our universe using carbon-enhanced metal-poor star; Bhusan Kayastha (NAOC)/Albrecht Kamlah (NAOC/U Göttingen, Germany): progress report
Time and Place: 3:00 - 5:00 p.m., NAOC (unless noted otherwise); tbc = to be confirmed
  • Dec. 25: (note unusual Tuesday!): Sambaran Banerjee (Argelander Inst., Univ. Bonn, Germany): Stellar-mass black holes in open clusters: implications for gravitational-wave generation
  • Dec. 21: no tea seminar, MIDAS meeting
  • Dec. 11 (note unusual Tuesday!): Kohei Inayoshi (KIAA): Black hole accretion in the present-day and early universe; and general discussion on supercomputing in China
  • Dec. 7: no tea seminar, KCK10 at Suzhou
  • Nov. 30: no tea seminar
  • Nov. 23: Agostino Leveque (CAMK, Poland): The C MOCCA version: a step toward AMUSE
  • Nov. 16: Discussion with Mirek Giersz (CAMK, Poland)
  • Nov. 9: Sergey Khoperskov (Moscow/Garching)
  • Oct. 19/Nov. 2: no tea seminar
  • Oct. 12:
  • Oct. 5: vacation?
  • Sep. 28:Jongsuk Hong (KIAA): Stellar Evolution in Star Clusters: Applications
  • Sep. 21: Rainer Spurzem (NAOC): Discussion Meeting on Status of Stellar Evolution in NBODY simulations
  • Sep. 14: Planning Session and Reports
  • May 18: Shuo Li (NAOC): Multi-mass galaxy merger simulations




  • Dec. 15: note location and changed speaker: at KIAA Room 208: Shu Qi: Dynamic evolution of free-floating comets in star cluster / Taras Panamarev: N-body model of galactic center
  • Dec. 8: Li Shuo: Tidal disruption in galaxy mergers with Multi-mass and stellar evolution model.
  • Nov. 17: Verónica Vázquez: The merger of two quarks stars. A SPH Newtonian simulation
  • Oct. 27: Mirek Giersz (CAMK Warsaw, Poland): MOCCA - Survey Data Base - Projects (Black Holes and Gravitational Waves from Star Clusters)
  • Oct. 25 Lunch Seminar at KIAA (12:00 p.m.): Holger Baumgardt (Queensland Univ., Australia): The formation of the smallest galaxies
  • Oct. 20: Bohdan Novosyadlyj & Valerii Shulga (Ivan Franko Natl. Univ. of Lviv, Ukraine and Jilin Univ. China): Dark matter and dark energy probes: from Dark Ages to Giant Voids
  • Sep. 15: Xiaoying Pang: Open clusters from SDSS DR 14 | Bai Jing: Short Report on Galev Work | Rainer Spurzem: Short Status Report and Discussion of DRAGON Data Project
    • Sep. 7: Yohai Meiron (Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary):  Relaxation and mixing of constants of motion in globular clusters
  • Sep. 1: Planning Meeting (Tea Seminar, Conferences, Travel)
      • Next Seminars:

  • Dec. 22: No tea seminar (KCK9)
  • Dec. 29:?


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