Volkswagen Trilateral Project Workshop 2019

The 2nd Workshop of the Volkswagen Trilateral Project on ``Accretion Processes in Galactic Nuclei'' took place at the ARI (Astronomisches Rechen-Institut) in Heidelberg, Germany, from May 6-8, 2019, in the seminar room of ARI.




Monday, 6.5.19:
10:30 Coffee and Welcome
11:00 Bransilav Avramov: 3-body encounters in SMBH binaries
11:30 Margaryta Sobolenko: Recent research results
12:00 Oleksandr Veles: Progress in code development


Tuesday, 7.5.19:
11:00 Coffee and PI meeting for budget


Wednesday, 8.5.19:
14:00 Sergey Khoperskov: recent simulations with the hydorcode
15:00 discussion for preparing the VW meeting in Radebeul (near Dresden) on May 13 - 15
16:15 Teeminar: Nazanin Davari: Dynamics of binary stars hosting planets in the vicinity of Sgr A* black hole