Astro-GR@北京 (Beijing) 2012

"Black Hole Growth in the Universe" - Astrophysical Modelling of super- and massive black holes and their environment

Pau Amaro-Seoane, Rainer Spurzem, Yun-Kau Lau and Fukun Liu are planning a 5-day informal meeting on "Black Hole Growth in the Universe: Astrophysical Modelling of super- and massive black holes and their environment" to be held at the NAOC in Beijing  from Monday 3 to Friday 7th September 2012. (This is exactly after the XXVIII IAU General Assembly in Beijing.)




Some local information:

  1. Our workshop has NO registration fee. However, for the conference dinner on Wednesday evening we plan to charge 200 Yuan per person, students (with VALID ID please!) free. Please register for the dinner on arrival. (Important: let us know any special meal preference, e.g. Vegetarian, Muslim, or other). The Conference dinner will be held Wed Sep. 5, 7:00 p.m. at the Middle 8 Restaurant, Zhongguancun branch (a Yunnan style restaurant) R17, Zhongguancun Plaza, Pedestrian Street, Haidian district; Chinese address 海淀区中关村广场步行街R17 Next Metro Stop: HaiDianHuangZhuang (Line 10 and Line 4) or ZhongGuanCun (Line 4) Transportation from NAOC to the restaurant and back to Green Tree Inn will be provided!
  2. Coffee, Snacks (during breaks) and lunches during conference days will be provided free of charge. (Again: we need to know if you are Vegetarian or follow Muslim food rules, or any other). Except for the workshop dinner on Wednesday NO DINNER will be provided. Please see here and here for restaurant informations. Also the XinAo Shopping Center near the Metro Line 8 Station Olympic Park has plenty of food and drink locations.
  3. To get from the Green Tree Inn to the NAOC, go north 300 m to Bei Tu Cheng Subway Station, use line No. 8 two stations north to Olympic Park Station. Ticket for the Metro Yuan 2, use ticket machines (English) or booths with persons to buy ticket. Use the NORTHWEST exit on to Datun Road. Go West on Datun Road, you see the observatory by its dome on our campus. Use detailed maps in the booklet (page number 6 according to page number, page number 9 according to pdf file, titled "NAOC map" to find our buildings). Those who are adventurous can find out how to use bus No. 607 directly from Green Tree Inn to NAOC campus and return (Ticket Yuan 1 to pay cash in the bus no change).
  4. The conference venue will be the big multi-function hall, separate building between NAOC building A and building B (like NAOC hotel, see map, link above). See the maps in the booklet (link above). 

A (close-to-final) version of the programme is here (a few short talks not yet included, sorry).

See you on Monday morning



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PKU Astrophysics Dept. Morningside Group