Miniworkshop NAOC/KIAA Beijing Oct. 14-17

Draft Agenda Informal Mini-Workshop

Stellar Dynamics/Stellar Evolution/Single/Binary Stars/…

Monday to Thursday, Oct. 14-17 KIAA and NAOC

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Monday, Oct. 14, 15:30-18, NAOC Seminar Room A308


  • Rainer Spurzem: Welcome and LIGO events in DRAGON simulations

  • Bhusan Kayastha: Dynamical Evolution of Globular Clusters with White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars and Black Holes using the GPU Supercomputer

  • Grzegorz Wiktorowicz: The hidden population of ULXs

  • Pau Amaro-Seoane: Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals (X-MRIs)


Tuesday, Oct. 15, 14-17, KIAA Seminar Room 208


  • Mirek Giersz: Dissolution of tidally filling star clusters harbouring black hole subsystems

  • Francesco Rizzuto: Formation of massive objects in star clusters

  • Agostino Leveque: Preliminary study of Extra-Galactic globular clusters and embedded gas globular clusters with MOCCA

  • Qi Shu: Some current questions on data analysis of Dragon simulations


Wednesday, Oct. 16, 11:30-13:30, NAOC Seminar Room A308


  • Richard de Grijs: Towards an improved local distance framework

  • Jarrod Hurley: single and binary stellar evolution (SSE and BSE) developments

  • Zhongmu Li: Binary Populations in Star Clusters

  • Stamatis Vretinaris: On Neutron Star Mergers


Wednesday, Oct. 16, 18-20, NAOC Seminar Room A308

  • Social Meeting with Snacks and Drinks


Thursday, Oct. 17, 10-12, KIAA Seminar Room 208:


  • Shuo Li: Supermassive black holes and stellar objects in galaxy mergers

  • Alejandro Torres-Orjuela: Gravitational Waves from Fast-Moving Sources
  • Francesco Flammini: Planetary systems in star clusters

  • Albrecht Kamlah: Data analysis for galactic center DRAGON