Name and Position Contacts Research Interests


Picture: Luca Naso

Rainer Spurzem
Research Professor at NAOC, adjunct at KIAA

apl. Professor at Heidelberg University

Research Fellow at Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Study
Office A121

Office N.E01

Stellar Dynamics, Star Clusters, Black Holes,
Galactic Nuclei, Gravitational Waves,
Many Core Supercomputing and Parallel Programming 

Peter Berczik
Senior Silk Road Project Postdoc NAOC

PIFI International Fellow

Main Astronomical Observatory, NASU
Office: A123

N-body, SPH, chemodynamical modelling of galaxies, galactic centre dynamics, star cluster evolution.
SMBBH & SMSBH evolution in the GC, Post-Newtonian dynamics; AD dynamics around SMBH’s.

 Kouwenhoven small Thijs Kouwenhoven
Associate Professor at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)

Star formation and star cluster dynamics
Planetary system dynamics 

 Francesco Flammini Dotti
Francesco Flammini Dotti
PhD student at
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)
Planetary system dynamics,
star cluster dynamics, disk dynamics

Jongsuk Hong

KIAA Postdoc

from Oct. 1, 2016

Dynamics of star clusters

Multiple Populations


Qi Shu

Ph.D. student KIAA/PKU

Planetary Systems in Star Clusters

Matthias Kühtreiber

Ph.D. Student Observatory

Univ. Vienna, Austria

Visiting Student KIAA/PKU/NAOC

Chemodynamical Evolution Models of Galaxies

Austria-China Cooperation

Gareth Kennedy 

Gareth Kennedy 
Former Postdoc (CAS Fellow)

now Data Scientist in Shanghai and Consultant at Monash University (Chemistry)

Stability in the three-body problem,
Dynamics of globular clusters,
Stellar and gas dynamics in galactic centres
Fazeel Mahmood Khan  Fazeel Mahmood Khan

Assistant Professor Space Science
Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad

Galactic nuclei
Stellar dynamics
Supermassive black holes

Picture Shuo Li
Postdoc (NAOC)
Office: A602

Dynamical evolution of supermassive BH / BH binaries and galactic nuclei,
Gravitational waves, 
Computational astrophysics
Yohai Meiron

Yohai Meiron
Postdoc Eotvos Univ., Budapest, Hungary

(Former Postdoc KIAA/PKU)

Stellar dynamics
Black holes
Galactic nuclei
GPU computing
Jose Fiestas

Jose Fiestas
Former Postdoc at NAOC,

now Univ. of Lima, Peru

Evolution of rotating dense stellar systems
Fokker-Planck models.

Paulina Assmann

Paulina Assmann

FONDECYT Fellowship, Universidad de Chile
CAS Visiting Researcher

Stellar Dynamics
Star Clusters
Black Holes
Gravitational Waves
Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
NBODY simulations 

Xiaoying Pang

Xiaoying Pang
Shanghai Inst. of Technology (SIT) and NAOC

Dynamical evolution of young star clusters
The origin of mass segregation in young star clusters
Star formation history in young star clusters
Interstellar medium in starburst regions
Dust properties and extinction curve in starburst regions


Shiyan Zhong
Postdoc at Yunnan Observatory of CAS

(former Ph. D. Student, NAOC)

Tidal disruption of stars by SMBHs, 
Galactic dynamics

Long Wang

Long Wang
Alexander von Humboldt Postdoc Fellow, Bonn Univ. Germany

(former Ph. D. Student, KIAA/Peking University);

Long-term dynamical evolution of star clusters,
GPU computing,
N-body simulations
Maxwell Tsai (aka. Xu CAI)

Maxwell Tsai (aka. Xu CAI)
Postdoc at Sterrewacht Leiden, The Netherlands

(former Ph. D. Student NAOC)

Secular evolution of planetary systems
Secular behavior of nonlinear systems
Evolution of star cluster in galactic tidal fields
Visualization of N-Body simulations
High Performance computing with CUDA, OpenCL and MPI 

 Liu Lei

Lei Liu
Former Postdoc at NAOC,

now at SHAO

Galaxy formation,
numerical simulation,
GPU computing

Siyi Huang

Siyi Huang
former student at NAOC

now Hangzhou




Changhua Li
Office: A324
Cluster and parallel computing,
GPU computing,
Software engineering 
 Picture Hazel Wei
Administrative staff
Office: A123