Zhihui Du - Accelerating LIGO Gravitational Wave Data Processing on GPU

Zhihui DU, Tsinghua Univ., Accelerating LIGO Gravitational Wave Data Processing on GPU

Fri, Dec. 3, 2010, 3:00 p.m. (NAOC Seminar Room)

The Summed Parallel Infnite Impulse Response (SPIIR) filtering model integrated with chi-square test is a newly introduced method in gravitational wave detection. A large set of filters and templates are needed to produce accurate detection statistics and thus making it too computationally intensive for one CPU core. Instead of using an expensive CPU cluster, we chose to explore an alternative option: the powerful and cost effective GPUs. The independence of each filter in this IIR filtering model makes it perfect for exhibiting the parallel computing power of GPUs. In this talk, we demonstrate our implementation details of the SPIIR filtering model on one GPU and the performance measurement. We can achieve about 40X speedup on the Fermi GPU compared with the implementation on CPU.

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